It’s time for you to stop winging it, 
and get a strategy that works


You’re here because your marketing and lack of strategy are holding you back from making money CONSISTENTLY in your business.


But, you don't have to stay there

Let’s face it, you’re burnt out and just tired of applying what 
you’ve learned from Google, YouTube, or your favs E-Book 
and seeing NO growth. You want to be able to make a full-
time income too; but, nothing seems to be working. 

You’re watching other business owners sell EXACTLY what you sell flourishing in their business

You’re letting inventory go to waste and lowballing your products just to make a sale

news flash

You’re not seeing any profit in your business account


You have potential, NOW it’s time to take action

Have Consistent Daily Sales

Have A Clear Understanding of Running a Profitable Business

Have Stress-Free Automation

Surpass Sales Goals

Have Repeat Customers

Be the GO-TO Brand in your Industry

what if I told you you could

Introducing the

A 5-hour 1:1 program where we dive deep into marketing, branding, sales, and all things business. Learn proven systems and strategies to position yourself as a profitable brand and not just a small business. During this VIP Day, we’ll map out your next 6 months in your money-making business.

5 Hour HANDS-ON Zoom Call

Consistent Coins Workbook

30 Days of Mobile Coaching

30 Day Brand Audit

6-Month Content + Marketing Plan 


I thought making $1,000 a month was great until I started making that a DAY after working with Ashley. She broke everything down and came up with very specific strategies for my brand. I AM The Go-To Brand in my industry now, after working with Ashley. Justice Smith

Ashley makes getting sales on autopilot so easy. Struggling with getting sales is no longer a thing. She broke everything down, worked with me for hours, showed me everything step-by-step, and business has never been better. Talia Monroe

Coaching with Ashley just got me all the way together. I love that she didn’t just throw information at me. She actually worked with me and now I’m making 5 figures a month consistently. Leah Jones

Shopify won’t leave me alone lol. Every other second there’s a sales notification. I had to bring in help to package orders because Ashley taught me not only how to get sales here and there. She taught me how to bring them in on a consistent basis. Now I no longer work a 9-5. Armani Hamilton

let's break it down

Module 01


You can’t do ANYTHING in your business until your branding is perfected. We’ll work on brand messaging, brand identity, and brand persona to ensure you are that B*TCH in your industry.

Everything you do in your business is based on your target audience. We’ll clearly define who your audience is and how to identify with them so you’re able to get more sales.

Module 02



Module 03


My favorite part! We’ll map out 60-90 days worth of content for your brand on all platforms. This includes social media, email marketing content, text marketing content, and more.

I’ll teach you all about marketing. I’ll give you the best marketing strategies for your brand, and we’ll map out your email, text ads, copywriting, marketing campaigns. 

Module 04


Module 05


We’ll develop the best marketing strategy for your website. I will audit it, and you will revamp it DURING the call! I’ll walk you through & show you everything since we’ll be on zoom.

We’ll work together to come up with creative ideas for your brand! I’ll have some before the call, and we’ll brainstorm some together.

Module 06


Module 07


I’ll teach you all about sales, then we’ll map out sales strategies for the year. Mother’s Day, summer sales, Black Friday, Christmas, EVERYTHING.

Those initial sales are easy. Learn how to consistently bring them in, and how to consistently scale your brand.

Module 08







A VIP Day Is For You If...

You are tired of blending in with the competition

You are Tired of little to no and inconsistent sales

You are struggling with creativity + marketing

Confused about brand identity and brand messaging

Confused about what content and strategy  is going to pivot your business

Struggling with connecting with your audience

You are tired of not having the sales you deserve

You’re ready and willing to make changes to your brand

You are ready to do the work

Hey, I'm Ashley

I’ve mastered the art of autopilot sales and making money in my sleep and now I’m here to help you do the same.

I’ve been able to :
   • Make 6 figures in multiple    
   • eCommerce industries
   • Grow followers to over 100k on social media
   • Create high conversion rates
   • Create a 47% returning customer rate

eCommerce is BOOMING like never before

More people are online shopping like never before. You’re losing out on money by not investing in help. The same energy, time, and money you invested into starting a business should be the same you put into growing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

After the 5hr call is done, will I be able to have access to You?

Yes, you’ll be able to continue to work with me for an additional 30 days through Voxer. You’ll be able to ask questions, run ideas by me, etc.

Is this for me if I am just getting started?

Yes, VIP Days are for business owners at any stage.

How can I ensure results?

I guarantee everything I teach works. If you are willing to do the work consistently, you will see results.

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes. 2 payments of $1,050. I recommend paying in full where you will receive an amazing bonus worth $997.

If you're ready to get to the bag...

Click below to apply and get started. Applications are just to learn a little more about your brand. I can’t wait to work with you!